Affiniam 4.0 Abstract

Affiniam has always been an ecological village since its origins over 500 years ago. This typical village of Lower Casamance in the southern parts of Senegal originates from the Bandial kingdom on the southern banks of the Casamance River. Before entering into the details of our ecological project called ‘Affiniam 4.0’, we shall first outline in a rough sketch its history beginning with the arrival of the Portuguese under the command of Dinis  

in the 15th century. At this epoch, one could call Affiniam and the Lower Casamance a region in a healthy balance between on the one hand their only god Atuhe (the Creator) – called “Emitay Yakonay” in Jola Fogny (the Lord One, “Emit Yanub”, in Affiniam and in the Bandial region) who gave them rain for life and the nature watered by this rain – and a thankful mankind on the other hand, in modern terms just Affiniam 1.0, the first stratum  that can be identified in our swift overview  …

Affiniam 4.0

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